Why Data Engineering ?

The volume of data has grown dramatically, while the cost of compute and storage have dropped, and algorithms have become freely available.

With the right approach to Data Engineering, organizations can monetize and maximize the value of their data assets by creating a strong foundation of data and incorporate insights from data science into their daily business processes.

We lay the groundwork for data analysis and experimentation, guiding clients through the digital landscape. We clean, transform, and aggregate data; compile and install database systems; write complex queries; scale to multiple machines; and put disaster-recovery systems in place — all with a sharp eye on what is important for the client.

Build mission – critical software and architecture

What we do


  • Analytics Roadmap
  • Data Consolidation Strategy
  • Cloud Migration Strategy

Architect & Design

  • Data Warehousing, Data Lakes
  • Analysis Data Marts
  • Data Pipelines for Machine Learning
  • Embedded Analytics Applications

Implementation & Operations

  • Migrate to Modern Architectures
  • Migrate to Cloud
  • Analytics Infrastructure Operations Management

Why VitalClick for Data Engineering?

Architect modern analytics architectures for the age of big data, cloud and IoT. To know more about Data Engineering, write to us at info@june.vitalclick.net

Business-focused Analytics

Business-focused approach to data engineering to align analytics and technology. Insights powered by wide range of datasets.

Scalable modern architectures

Workload-centric architectures to meet different needs of business stakeholders.

Global talent

Proven experience in delivering analytics solutions to internet-scale companies using Hadoop and open source technologies, on-premise and on-cloud.