Our Core Team

Anthony Abidakun
Anthony Abidakun

Executive Director of Operations

Abidakun Anthony is a Data and Software Engineer with a vast experience of managing and interpreting high volumes of complex data. Proficient in high level programming language like Machine Learning, R and Python. He is always striving for excellence and precision at all times.

‘Wale Osborne

Director of Holistic Approach

Osborne is passionate about imparting the wisdom, knowledge and skills to empower people personally and also within organizations to live purpose-driven lives holistically, for the sake of making maximum impact and positive difference in humanity through their daily encounter with other people and the work they are doing.

Paseka Kalaku
Paseka Kalaku

Marketing Executive

Paseka Kalaku is an entrepreneur, marketer, author and business coach. He graduated from University of Johannesburg in 2009 and he has being involved in takeoff of several start-up companies across South Africa. He is key personnel at VitalClick and brings on vital experience to the organisation.

Caseley Stephens

Director of Programming

Caseley Stephens has a decade long experience in professional web programming and has worked across industry in delivering a total holistic approach for proper integration of web applications. He has undergone many courses in the industry some of which are MCSE, Linux Programming, A+, C++, PHP Programming e.t.c.