VitalClick Technologies Limited is product based Software & Data Analytics Company. We are one of the leading startup companies of Africa which focus on Digital Analytics and  High-end custom Software Development services for Domestic & Overseas Clients.

We help companies drive digital transformation by helping them combine digital and traditional data to gain a competitive advantage.

VitalClick provides a 360-degree view of the digital consumer, enabling companies to predict new revenue streams, anticipate product trends and popularity, improve customer retention rates and optimize investment decisions.


Delivering tools organizations can use to get results

Data Engineering

- Data Analytics Services -

Architect modern analytics architectures for the age of big data, Machine Learning, cloud and IoT. Rethinking data platforms to enable digital transformation.

Application Development

- Software Engineering & Web Apps Development -

We strive to be fresh and innovative at all times and develops world-class software and hardware solutions from engineering to application level - for industries in both the local and international sectors.

Risk & Compliance Analytics

- Data Analytics Services -

VitalClick helps organizations identify and mitigate risk real-time, thereby reducing its negative impact. In addition, it helps financial organizations manage risk in their day-to-day activities effectively.

Training & Development

- VitalClick Institute of Technology -

Our whole concept of learning is organized knowledge directed into definite plan of actions and directed to a definite end. This is the school of thought that produces the world greatest innovators, changers and leaders.

Research Services

- Feedback Management & Research Services -

Our experienced research and training teams can help with any aspect of your survey project – from survey design and data collection, to analysis and reporting. We work with a diverse range of clients in voluntary, public and private sectors